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Storage and Networking

Storage and Networking

Our engineers have in-depth experience with various SAN and LAN designs. Contact us for a free no obligation assessment of your current storage or network environment.

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Feds Consider Tougher Requirements for IoT Security

As the Internet of Things continues to grow, security regulations will become more and more of a pressing issue. To curtail this trend before it gets out of hand, the Senate is moving to pass legislation that could nip the problem in the bud. The bill, submitted this month, requires that any internet-connected device provided by government contractors be able to download regular software updates to free them from known vulnerabilities, and to use the most up-to-date encryption standards. The challenge with securing most IoT devices is that they are not traditional endpoints, usually lacking in the processing power required to continuously monitor for intrusions and vulnerabilities. This bill is seen as a major shake-up in the IoT industry, and an attempt by the federal government to change the fundamental way IoT companies approach product and security design.

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Amazon Lowers Prices For Some Of Its Reserved Instance Types By Up To 21%

Amazon’s AWS cloud computing division today once again dropped the prices for some of its reserved instances, as well as its M4 general purpose instances. For some of these reserved instances, prices are dropping by up to 17 percent and for convertible reserved instances with three-year commitments, prices are dropping by 21 percent.

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