Glass Box Technology offers customizable network, storage, security, and server solutions designed to meet the needs of the industries and customers we serve. We build and deliver them based on each customer’s individual needs and requirements. The result is a portfolio of solutions that align your business and technology goals, all coupled with our world-class customer service.

Our areas of specialty include:


The landscape of storage has changed thanks to the type and quantity of data we live with. Today’s storage performance is all about prime scalability, agility, and meeting the accelerated demands of a data-driven workforce.

Whether the need is to refine existing in-house storage capabilities or offload heavy application workloads to an offsite data center, Glass Box Technology can find the storage solution to manage your data needs.

Our NAS/SAN/DAS storage solutions are purpose-driven to help organizations manage data proliferation. We help companies that have high I/O projects make the transition towards a multi-tier environment. Our customers count on us to help them design a complete DR or primary SAN solution that may also include the cloud.

Our Storage Solutions can help you:

  • Increase performance based on your needs
  • Reduce downtime and gain data redundancy
  • Prepare for data growth through increased data center utilization
  • Manage heavy application workloads and reduce costs


Your IT environment may need to upgrade its existing servers, reallocate its existing resources, or reduce inter-server dependency altogether.

We are at the forefront of advanced servers and server virtualization, helping businesses maximize the efficiency of their IT environment. Whether a converged solution or blade/chassis system, we can work with any requirement. As a valued IBM business partner, Glass Box can help small and medium businesses achieve their growth goals with systems built to scale. IBM servers are designed to meet the most challenging application performance demands while delivering maximum cost and energy efficiency.

Regardless of the outlook you have on your company’s computing needs, we are capable of leveraging your existing server infrastructure to meet your office and data center goals.

Our Server Solutions can help your business:

  • Greatly reduce high operational costs, including all cooling and power usage
  • Curb hardware dependency and better utilize existing server resources
  • Take advantage of more reliable server performance and overall uptime


The needs of your network continue to expand. Without a well-planned platform to handle all of the information your environment creates—including high-speed data transactions, mobile users, multiple user access points, and large-scale workloads—your business will be limited.

Ensuring optimal network performance and future capabilities is what Glass Box Technology strives to achieve for its customers. We gauge your network requirements and scale your environment to meet current and future performance demands.

We offer high density data center switches that support line rates up to 10GbE/40GbE/100GbE interfaces. Customers look to us to provide edge and core routers with multi-TB throughput. We also specialize in local and global load-balancing, WLAN networks, and WAN acceleration services.

Our Network Solutions can help you:

  • Gain consistent and reliable access to core applications
  • Run your business operations from anywhere, anytime
  • Attain planning, installation, maintenance, and management services as needed


The heart of your IT operations is security and protection. Your data may be the engine that powers your business, but without the right insurance policy behind it, security intrusions are bound to occur.

With best-in-class security solutions, we reduce the risks and threats surrounding your critical applications, which keeps disruptions to a minimum. The security platforms we utilize bring together all key network security functions, including advanced threat protection, firewall, IDS/IPS, and URL filtering.

Glass Box offers extensive security, IPS, and IDS solutions for the datacenter and remote office requirements. We work with customers that have between 10Mbps and 30Gbps throughput needs. We help organizations enable applications, users, and content in high-speed datacenter, large Internet gateway, service provider, and multi-tenant environments. Predictable throughput are achieved using dedicated, function-specific processing for networking, security, content inspection, and management.

Our solutions give your business the capabilities to safely enable the use of all applications, maintain complete visibility and control, confidently pursue new technology initiatives like cloud and mobility, and gain peace of mind from cyber-attacks.

Our Security Solutions can help you:

  • Anticipate and remediate threats before they escalate
  • Monitor and configure your security settings
  • Identify newer security threats as they emerge


Delivering the highest level of professional service is what every provider aims for. Glass Box Technology is proud to be known for our high-level engineering, design, and install services for the solutions we provide. It’s a full turn-key offering from start to finish, including the requisite project management. We never stop working until your environment is running at its best.

Customers continue to work with us because we are attentive to their needs, take the time to understand their environment, and engrain ourselves in your best practices.

Our Services include:

  • Conducting an in-depth technical assessment of your existing SAN and LAN systems
  • Tailoring approaches to provide the right services and technologies for our customers
  • Collaborating and determining the needs of your IT infrastructure